Projekt ZEBRA

V našich společnostech byl spuštěn nový projekt s názvem ZEBRA. Chceme pomocí tohoto projektu zlepšovat naše pracovní prostředí, zefektivnit procesy řízení ve společnosti, zlepšit řízení, to vše na bázi metodiky „Lean“, což je metoda, zaměřena na neustálé zlepšování (inovace) ve společnosti. Projekt ZEBRA je určen pro všechny naše zaměstnance, kteří mohou navrhnout podmět ke zlepšení v jakékoli části provozu našich společností a získat za tyto nápady finanční odměnu. Brzy Vás budeme informovat, jaké inovativní myšlenky chceme realizovat a kolik zaměstnanců jsme díky jejich kreativním myšlenkám mohli finančně odměnit.


New Payroll Software

Starting January 1, 2019, our company moves to a new payroll system that interacts more interactively with our accounting system. In keeping with the quality of the salary processing of our employees, the management of the company decided to use pilot operations, and for two months (November, December 2018), our economic wage department processed both SWs in order to guarantee the quality of the processing and possible imbalances solved. Thanks to our accounting department for a great job, and we believe that this decision will bring us more efficiency and time savings.







We will have another "CNS" baby

There are other joys for us than those working. At the end of November, our "manager of happiness" - receptionist Kamila - left our maternity leave. We wanted to please our favorite Kamila, so we have organized a collection for her and her expected descendant. The staff were very generous and therefore we were able to make surprises in the form of a "mummy cake" for the selected money. We thank Kamile for all the work done, we wish happiness and health and we look forward to further cooperation.

Benefits for employees - let's have a good coffee together

Company management is constantly striving to create better conditions for their employees to spend their time on the job. Not only is there a barbecue grill where we regularly host corporate events, but we have two new coffee machines from JABLUM Czech s.r.o. This company boasts top-of-the-range coffee making, using the finest coffee beans from around the world that get fresh into our coffee makers. We can enjoy delicious coffee with two kinds. Have a tasting right in the roasted or become our team mate and enjoy the coffee every day. For more information on vacancies, visit the web site, in the vacancies section.


Improving the workplace of developers

In order to improve the quality of work and improve the quality of the workplaces, the windows at the developer's workstation were equipped with new blinds that shielded the passing beam so that the light rays were not reflected in the monitors, and our developers could better concentrate on their hard work. We believe that this improvement will have a positive impact on their work.

The whole company

We successfully renewed the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate! Who's behind it? An experienced team of our experts who not only represent the company but also promote the quality assurance in the company itself. This quality and a satisfied customer is the biggest success for us. Let´s look deeper into the company quality management. The CNS a.s. company led by Luboš Hajn, a quality management executive director, together with Lucie Boučková, a quality manager, and undoubtedly the internal auditors are constantly improving the quality management system in the company. The internal auditors are the CNS a.s employees ensuring this knowledge issue in the company is fully understood. These employees are expert level trained professionals in the field of auditing. As part of the recertification audit, carried out by the DNV-GL company, we have successfully renewed the quality management system certificate again.


At the beginning of November we have succesfully finished the integration of the FONS OpenLims (laboratory information system from STAPRO s.r.o. company) with our core company system SELMA. Based on the experience from the earlier stages of the project that has been realized on the smaller laboratories, the final implementation phase was carried out in the customer´s largest laboratory. The actual implementation of the new interface was done by the team of consultants, technicians and software engineers without any negative impact on the laboratory operations or the physicians. This team provided the onsite support and contributed significantly to the successfull implementation of the project. We would like to thank to all the the involved parties and we look forward to another future successful project cooperation with them.

The annual seminar held by the ELISA Records Management System team

The seminar was held on 18 – 19 October, organized by the company CNS a.s. for its customers using the ELISA product (Record management information system). The main purpose of the seminar was to familiarize customers with up-to-date and upcoming new development in ELISA and to highlight important legislative changes in the field of Records management system. The bearing theme of the seminar was the Records Retention and Disposition Proceedings in an electronic way including practical demonstrations and lectures provided by the State Regional Archives representative. The popular social evening event, which is used to relax from work duties and to establish friendly informal relationships among the participants, was again part of the seminar;  and we are pleased that on the basis of individual participants feedback, we can consider the seminar to be a real success, which motivates us to organize the next year.

Our employees are constantly educating - or "Check Point Experience"

Zástupci technického oddělení se opět účastnili akce „Check Point Experience“, která se konala v Libčicích nad Vltavou. Prezentace byla zaměřená na celosvětové kybernetické hrozby v oblasti IT, potažmo aktivní ochranu proti těmto hrozbám. Je třeba podotknout, že vzdělávání v této oblasti je pro naše zaměstnance klíčové, neboť naším posláním je poskytnout všem naším klientům špičkové poradenství právě v této choulostivé oblasti.


Hot Line - we are constantly improving the quality of our services

In order to determine the quality of services for contractual customers of the technical department, the free line 800 40 30 70 was put into operation again. We believe that our new line will benefit all our clients.



Microsoft Gold Partnership Resumed

In October this year, our team has resumed its partnership with Microsoft. Our company has long been involved in the Microsoft Partner Program, which has been advocating Application Development for several years. In October of this year, our team has once again succeeded in rebuilding these competences, and we can be proud of the Gold Application Development Certificate for the next year.


InfoSec World Conference

3.26.2018 - Last week, colleagues from our US subsidiary IT-CNS participated together with the Czech company Novicom, that we are helping stepping to the US market, on the InfoSec World. The conference took place in Orlando, Florida and besides the lectures and keynotes there was also the expo where our colleagues were involved as exhibitors.

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Wrote about us - Hospodarske noviny

2.16.2018 - Hospodarske noviny and portal released the article about our company. In the article, you can find details about the business in the Czech Republic as well as in the United States described by the CNS co-owner, Petr Samek. You can find the article (in Czech) here:

Microsoft GOLD competence renewal

1.9.2018 - Our company is participating on the partnership program of Microsoft company (Microsoft Partner Program) for a long time. For a number of years, we are renewing the competence in the Gold level in the Application Development. This year, we have successfully renewed our competence again!

NOTEZA Trademark

12.20.2017 - We are pleased to announce that we obtained a trademark by the Czech Industrial Property Office for our project NOTEZA. NOTEZA is the data encryption system based on the Vernam cypher. 

OpenLims and SELMA integration: fourth phase

12.12.2017 - During October, we continued our work on the project of the laboratory information system FONS OpenLims of Stapro company integration to our laboratory integration system SELMA. With our experience from the earlier stages of this project that has been realized on the smaller laboratory operations, we have been able to realize this phase in the largest laboratory of our customer. This laboratory operates and provides results to more than 5,000 doctors. The actual implementation of the new interface was done by the team of consultants, technicians and software engineers without any impact on the laboratory operations or the requesting doctors. This team provided support to our clients employees directly in the laboratory which also helped to the smooth implementation.

Interview in

10.10.2017 - Jakub Voleman, our colleague from our Pittsburgh-based subsidiary, IT-CNS, Inc. recently gave the interview to Czech IT news server In the interview, you can read about our US business, why we are located in Pittsburgh, about our help to other Czech tech companies or about our future plans:

CNS in Lidové noviny

In the last week’s newspaper edition of Lidové noviny, you could find the article about Czech companies operating in the United States. Our colleagues from IT-CNS are mentioned in the article, especially with their help to other Czech companies entering the US market. 

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General Data Protection Regulation

7.31.2017 - Due to the preparation on the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR together with previous attendance of our colleagues on the workshop that has been focused on GDPR and its new data protection regime, one of our colleague from the software department attended a training called “GDPR and Cybersecurity law”. This training provided detailed approach how to setup processes, management and technology in the organization to be GDPR compliant. 

EurTradeNet Conference in Oslo

7.12.2017 - In June, we have attended yearly periodical conference of the international association EurTradeNet, this year in Oslo, Norway.


EurTradeNet is the European Alliance of customs-related service providers or CRSPs, a unique knowledge network joining together their local expertise in information handling services and communication solutions to assure the most effective implementation of eCustoms Europe-wide.


The conference summarized activities and results of the last period and planned the next steps of the ETN in the European region. The main goal for the next period is to provide wider portfolio of services to its local (national) customers in the international environment and help them with their core business which is manufacturing, purchasing and sales of goods. This goal should be aimed by the continuing integration between individual members of the associations.


Part of the conference was also a visit of Norwegian Post with a professional presentation and demonstration of the highly automating logistics processes. This high level of automation together with decreasing costs enabled to Norwegian Post to provide its services to all Scandinavian countries. These services are provided by its sister company

Workshop Doing business in the USA: What is not commonly spoken about

6.15.2017 - We are pleased to invite you to our workshop Doing business in the USA: What is not commonly spoken about. The event will take place on June, 28th at 10am in the Prague office of the Impact Hub and it is free. You can find more information on the official invitation below. If you are interested, please send us your email RSVP to 

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“Guarantees for young in Central Bohemia” Project

6.8.2017 - Our IT Department hired a new colleague as a part of the project “Guarantees for young in Central Bohemia”. This project is co-financed by the European Social fund, respectively from the Operation plan Employment, and by the Czech Government. The main goal of the project is to integrate young people under 29 years of age to the labor market and provide them specialized experience for the future employment.

Thanks to the project, young people are improving their skills and increasing their qualification. It really helps with the future employment options, with those skills they are able to meet requirements of potential future employers. Last, but not least, participants of the projects are more involved into private companies processes and getting know the specific business culture. We truly hope that our new colleague will be successfully integrated into our company and the goal of the project will be fulfilled. 

Cruise Ship 2017

6.2.2017 - By the end of May, we organized traditional and very popular cruise ship in Prague for our customers. During the cruise, we have seen all the popular sights and architecture monuments. All of this was followed with the interesting commentary of an experienced tour guide who had great and commonly known stories about every location. We were lucky and also the weather was great. Together with the delicious catering, fun program for kids and rum tasting for adults, this cruise has been really perfect experience and a lot of our guests are looking forward to next years. 

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Children's Day 2017

5.22.2017 - On May, 18th, we have organized another year of our Children’s Day. The event took place in the garden next to our company building. Kids had to complete various puzzles, throw a ball at the target, jump in the sack, walk on stilts and much more. Every kid got the reward for fulfilling all of these tasks. After this, kids also can have fun in the inflatable jumping castle or get some fruits and refreshments. Refreshments was also available for parents and other colleagues. 

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Future of the Czech Energetics II Seminar

5.19.2017 - As the members of Technology Platform Energetic Safety of the Czech Republic (TPEB ČR), our CNS colleagues have attended a seminar held by Central specialized commission CSSD for industry and trade focused on The Future of the Czech Energetics II. This event was organized under the auspices of deputy of PSP ČR Milan Urban in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic offices. The key topic of the seminar was a draft of the Czech energy policy for a next decade. This strategy should provide self-sufficiency for the Czech Republic in this area. CNS together with the TPEB platform participated with the contribution on the critical infrastructure security which is nowadays really important topic. This seminar has been attended by representatives of political, academic and private sectors. All the presentations led to interesting discussion because participants understand the importance of energetics. TPEB also utilized this opportunity to spread the information about its Round Tables that will be dealing with individual segments of security of the critical energetic infrastructure. 

SELMA new version

5.12.2017 - On May, 3rd we have implemented a new version of the new version of our application SELMA for our important customer synlab czech s.r.o. This new version has increased the efficiency and rapidity of the request processing in our customers’ labs. It has also simplified the process of operations of EU insurers. Last but not least, this new version increased the efficiency of the bar codes reading.

Our application Safety4Data has been HIPAA audited

4.24.2017 - A new version of our application for highly secure data transfers Safety4Data was successfully audited for HIPAA and HITECH! Both of these acts are regulating work with patient’s data in healthcare. With the new version, we are able to offer Safety4Data also to various healthcare organizations. Safety4Data will help them with their data security and HIPAA and HITECH compliance. The audit has been done by renowned US law firm Dickie McCamey.

GDPR Training

4.20.2017 - Some of our colleagues attended a workshop focused on the new GDPR legislation. The seminar has been led by professionals from one of the best Czech law firms. It’s necessary to remind that this significant change enters into force in May, 2018!

And what is it all about? GDPR brings a lot of new interpretative and methodological instructions. Moreover, it’ll significantly discuss pseudo-anonymized data, important responsibilities of personal data managers and processors and also a new position of Data Protection Officers. Last but not least, we’ve obtained information about an international data exchange and data exchange with global organizations. Of course we have also discussed new sanctions that could be enforced in case of non-compliance with GDPR.  

Czech Branch of EurTradeNet international alliance based on our initiative

4.17.2017 - Our company is a long-term member of the international alliance EurTradeNet. EurTradeNet was designed to exchange experiences and knowledge from international trade and logistics. Its main goal is to make international and global operations easier for its members. Based on our positive experiences, we have decided to offer this opportunity to our partnering companies operating in this field. Thanks to their interest, the first step necessary to be done to establish a Czech subsidiary of ETN have started during this January.

Inaugural session with the ETN leaders represented by Mrs. Maite Miret, ETN CEO, and representatives of each individual Czech members took place in Prague in the beginning of April. During initiative meeting were declared alliance’s goals and Czech members were invited to a global ETN meeting that will take place this May in Oslo.

The event concluded with the informal dinner in Bellevue restaurant with the delicious food prepared by Micheline chefs. 

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OpenLims and SELMA Integration - 3rd Phase

4.12.2017 - During March, we have successfully continued in the implementation project of integration of laboratory information system FONS OpenLims made by Stapro and our laboratory integration system SELMA. Based on our experiences from the earlier phases of the project that have been done in different laboratory operations, the third phase was realized in the laboratory with critical operations. The new system integration ran with no negative impact on lab operations and from the very beginning it didn’t affect requesting doctors.

Elisa acquired a new customer

4.3.2017 - In the beginning of 2017, CNS in official tender acquired a new really important customer for our document management system ELISA – State Regional Archives in Prague. We are currently finishing there a testing pilot project of our software. In the beginning of April, we are going to end the testing project and implement a final working version of ELISA. 

Business mission in Canada

3.31.2017 - Colleagues from our US subsidiary IT-CNS last week joined a business delegation that accompanied Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lubomír Zaorálek, on his trip to Canada. On the business forum in Toronto have been introduced both Czech Republic and Ontario, together with attending companies including CNS. The event continued with business lunch and B2B meetings of Czech and Canadian companies. For us, this business trip was another natural step that followed our previous business trips to Toronto and we are seriously considering to open a subsidiary there to better serve Canadian customers.

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Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 certificate

3.20.2017 - We have successfully renewed our quality management system ISO 9001:2015 certificate! Who is behind this? Our experiences professionals who are representing our company. This mix of quality and satisfied customers are our key goals. And we would like to tell you more about the quality in our company. In CNS, Lubos Hajn as a management quality representative together with Lucie Bouckova, our quality manager are taking care about quality management system within the company. Internal auditors are also really important part of the system which couldn’t even exists without them. Internal auditors are CNS employees and that means they got important knowledge of internal processes. They are trained as auditors on professional level. In the supervisory audit process made by DNV-GL, we have renewed our quality management system certificate. To be one step ahead, we have decided to change to ISO 9001:2015 from the original ISO 9001:2008.

We4Startups - article

3.15.2017 - As we already informed you, we have attended a cybersecurity conference We4Startups organized by V4 countries in Washington, DC. You can read more about it in this article that includes also the opinion of our colleague Jakub Voleman:

Conference We4Startups in Washington, D.C.

3.10.2017 - Earlier this week, colleagues from our Pittsburgh-based subsidiary attended cybersecurity conference We4Startupsand other connected events organized by V4 countries and Czech Embassy in Washington, DC. On Monday took place B2B meetings of Czech and US companies and in the evening ceremony held by Polish Ambassador in his residency. On Tuesday took place the We4Startups conference itself at Google Headquarters in Washington, DC office. Speakers on the conference included New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani or US Senator Joe Manchin. This was followed by panel discussions and V4 companies’ presentations where our colleagues presented IT-CNS and our product Safety4Data. On Wednesday, the program concluded at Fairfax County wit B2B meetings with other US companies.

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Developers’ next education

3.8.2017 - Like every year, we are taking care about next education of our colleagues from software department. To increase our employees’ qualification, seven of our colleagues have already took four different courses during January and February, 2017. 3 courses have been organized by computer school GOPAS and the last one was held by educational organization Unicorn Education. Other colleagues are already registered for training in April and May. The main purpose of this education is to get knowledge of new technologies and increase our developers’ qualification which should lead to improvement of the whole development process. 

Cyber Security in the Czech Republic Conference

3.2.2017 - Our colleagues who are specialized in cyber security have attended a conference Cyber Security in the Czech Republic. This conference was organized by CzechInvest agency. The key topics include a role of the National Center for Cyber Security, cybercrime and human factor influence to the cyberattacks. Especially a case study with practical recommendations from the recent cyberattack (industry espionage) called Operation BugDrop was really interesting and beneficial for our colleagues practice. 

CySeCo becomes a new ETN Member

2.28.2017 - CySeCo (Cyber Security Community) Association among its founding members includes also our company CNS, becomes a new partner of the organization EurTradeNet (ETN) as an ETN Affiliate. EurTradeNet-ETN was founded in 2003 with the aim to globally represent the Customs-Related Service Providers or CRSPs, the companies delivering IT solutions to the traders to handle their eCustoms information exchange Europe-wide. Cyber Security Community is a Professional Association founded to support fair debate and knowledge-sharing on cyber security and its importance both in private and public sectors. CySeCo’s professional mission is to increase awareness on information and data security, based on the design and implementation of secure information systems and other cyber security solutions, and to educate both non-professionals and professionals in the cyber security field.


ETN and CySeCo mutual cooperation will be beneficial for members of both organizations. They have agreed to spread knowledge and experiences across both organizations, advise to their members and aim shared goals. Both ETN and CySeCo representatives will participate on each other events. We truly believe that due to this cooperation will increase also a level of our services in electronic customs process.  

SQL Database Training

2.21.2017 - Our colleagues from the Department of application support took a training called “SQL Database and SQL Platform”. The main focus was on the introduction to data storage and data management in databases. This training was dedicate to databases and its products like MS SQL Server, database management system, MS Management Studio, relation databases, tables, records and its attributes, tables relationships and SQL language and its commands. This training will help our colleagues to better indicate and identify possible errors and also their testing abilities. At the end of the day, this will bring better support services and faster development and implementation process of the new versions of our products. 

PTCs' Event: CIO Insights with Oracle CIO

2.17.2017 - Our Pittsburgh colleagues from our sister company IT-CNS have attended Pittsburgh Technology Council’s event CIO Insights with speaker Mike Sunday, who is CIO of Oracle. Mike has been talking about increasing trends in cloud usage and its importance in the future and about importance of innovations. He also mentioned that Pittsburgh is the city with huge potential in IT business.

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TPEB ČR becomes a Research Organization

2.14.2017 - Technology Platform Energetic Safety of the Czech Republic (TPEB ČR) whose members include also our company CNS, has been selected as one of the research organizations of the Czech Republic. This act is based on the verdict of Research, Development and Innovation Council, an advisory Body to the Government of the Czech Republic from January, 27th, 2017. This change of status proves its R&D potential, especially of its members. Moreover, it gives more opportunities to TPEB members with applications for public financed R&D projects. TPEB ČR is also a long-term member of ECAS system as a research organization on the list “Research & Innovation”. It has been actively participating to international consortiums and projects under the program Horizon 2020 which is the EU Framework Programme for research and Innovations. 

OpenLims and SELMA Integration - 2nd Phase

2.6.2017 - In January, we have successfully continued implementation process of integration laboratory information systemFONS OpenLims made by Stapro company into our laboratory integration system SELMA. The first phase of the project have been done during the minor laboratory operations and based on these experiences, the second phase of the implementation took place in large laboratory with critical operations. Actual start of the operations then was without any problems that could affect a lab itself or requesting doctors. 

Business Consulting

1.25.2017 - t doesn’t matter if you are start-up with brand new idea or company that wants to or needs to expand because current region starts to be too small for you. You might want to start your business abroad, on a different continent or if you just want to try your luck. In all these cases is the entrance on the US market more complicated than it appears.


In CNS, we went through this couple years ago during our start in Pittsburgh. Although the United States seem to be close to the Europe, you can find a lot of cultural differences and many European companies gave up their efforts. But we didn’t, we went through all difficulties and problems and now we have successfully operating company with both Czech and US staff and number years of local experiences.


We have met several Czech companies that were interested to market entry. Some of them tried it and were successful, the rest usually failed.


On the other hand, high costs in the first step, confusing visa situation, complicated taxes legislation, differences between individual US states or different life style and business culture discourage many of them before they even started. These experiences lead us to the idea of help to Czech and Slovak companies with the US market entrance which could be much simpler with us.


In our portfolio, you can find wide scale of services that are necessary for the US market entrance. If you are thinking about this, the first consultation could help you organize your plans and make a right decision. 

Information System YODA Optimalization

1.20.2017 - Thanks to an algorithm optimization of our internal information system YODA together with a new workflow, we have achieved shortened period of time for points reporting to health care insurance companies by 2 days for our laboratory customer. In addition, we are providing online support to our customers during the whole process which means also after regular working hours. 

New Record in Call Center

1.17.2017 - Our Call Center that we are operating for one of our customers from a laboratory segment has answered more than 1300 phone call yesterday. It is our new record. Thanks to these numbers together with other factors we can see how important our services are. 

2nd Cyber Security Blog series

1.10.2017 - In the beginning of 2017 we have started publishing second series of our cyber security blog. In the first series we began with the basics about encryption and terms definition, continued to encryption development in history and ended with modern encryption technologies like One-time pad. We start the second series with an article Password Policy – More Restriction Does Not Necessarily Mean More Security. You can read this article here: in Czech or here: in English. 

PF 2017

12.23.2016 - A whole CNS a.s. team is wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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OpenLims and SELMA Integration

12.21.2016 - In mid-December, our colleagues have successfully integrated Laboratory Information System FONS OpenLims made by company Stapro to our Laboratory Integration System SELMA. Start of a communication of these key systems for laboratory operations ran successfully due to extensive preparation works of both suppliers and also with help of customers’ employees. Gained experience will be used during implementation to other customers’ locations.  

Christmas Party 2016

12.16.2016 - Yesterday took place Christmas Party of our company in Camp Mělník restaurant. As usual, the party was well attended with plenty of food , gift giving and lots and lots of fun. We would like to thank to all of our employees and wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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Document Management System New Customers

12.12.2016 - Our company recently won tendering procedures for the Document Management System organized by two Czech important agencies. Our Document Management System called ELISA will be implemented to the State Regional Archive in Prague and to Air Accidents Investigation Institute. 

Converged Security in Energy and Transportation Conference

12.07.2016 - As a member of The Technology Energy Safety Platform of the Czech Republic (TPEB), our colleagues have attended conference Converged Security in Energy and Transportation. The conference took place in the National Technical Museum. The main topic were both theoretical issues in the security field and practical applications implemented in real operations. Speakers have covered mix of academic world, public administration and also large corporations. I was really interesting to see the point of view on this topic from different social sectors. Thanks to that the conference was truly informative and it was a pleasure to be part of it.  

EET Training

12.05.2016 - One of our IT Technicians successfully completed a training to Electronic record of sales (EET). The first round of EET has started on December, 1st and it requires knowledge of both hardware and software for its installation process. Thanks to this training, we are ready to help to our customers with EET implementation. 

Wrote about us – PA Government Proud Blog

11.28.2016 - Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development published on their Proud Blog an article about our successful subsidiary IT-CNS called Pennsylvania is the New International Tech Hotspot. Amongst other things, the article mentions a great location of IT-CNS in Pittsburgh high growing and tech neighborhood East Liberty, where are also located technology giants like Google or Uber. It also describes advantages of our application for encryption data transfers called Safety4Data. You can read the original article here:

Czech ICT Alliance Membership Renewal

11.22.2016 - During November, our company renewed a membership in the organization Czech ICT Alliance. This organization connects public and private sector for more than 10 years. Its main goal is to support starting and existing Czech companies in IT industry by many international business missions. Other organization’s activities include seminar and workshops hosting with abroad investors, participating on important conferences and also attending events focusing on education and project support. Together with CzechInvest, Czech ICT Alliance and other partners execute a program called Czech ICT Incubator and also runs a new Prague incubator Prague Startup Centre. We are truly glad that we can be part of the Czech ICT Alliance in the near future. 

Cyber Security Conference in Pittsburgh

11.18.2016 - Our US colleagues have attended an event BMWi German Mission on Cyber Security: Conference and Panel Discussion held by Pittsburgh Chamber of the German-American Chamber of Commerce together with Carnegie Mellon University, a current leader of education of technology and cyber security experts. The event consisted of panel discussions on current cyber security topics and also the evening networking reception in Pittsburgh Botanical Garden. Participants of the conference were not only German companies of the business delegation to the United Stated, but also local companies operating in Pittsburgh Greater Area in cyber security field and one of those was our IT-CNS.    

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Kaspersky Training

11.14.2016 - Selected technicians from our IT department have attended 3 days training Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management. Fundamentals. This training described products Kaspersky Security Center 10 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows in depth. Due to this, our services become even more professional and we are able to meet our customers’ needs in cyber security field that starts to be more and more important. 

Tech 50 Awards in Pittsburgh

11.08.2016 - Colleagues from our US subsidiary IT-CNS have participated on the ceremonial as a celebration of the most innovative and successful companies in Western Pennsylvania called Tech 50 Awards. This event is organized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council for 20 years. Innovating technology companies were competing in these categories: Startup of the Year, Innovator of the Year – Consumer Product, CEO of the Year, Innovator of the Year – Health IT, Innovator of the Year – Life Sciences, Solution Provider of the Year – Innovative Technology, Innovator of the Year – Manufacturing, Solution Provider of the Year – Consulting and IT Services, and Culture Leader. Winners of this year were for example companies like Duolingo, the most downloaded educational app in the world, YinzCam, developer of the official mobile apps for sport teams from NHL, NBA and NFL, or Jesse Schell, CEO of the popular game producer Schell Games. Congratulations to all the winners!  

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Supporting business mission in Canada

10.31.2016 - In October, one of our colleagues from the US subsidiary IT-CNS has participated on the Supporting business mission of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mr. Miloslav Stasek, in Canada. The mission was organized by the Czech Chamber of Commerce and took place in Toronto and surrounding areas. Its primarily focus was on healthcare and technologies. A mission program included a business forum Czech Republic: Strategic Partner in Central Europe, introduction of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, B2B meetings with Canadian companies representatives, Business Networking Luncheon in Kitchener and also visit of Waterloo-Octoberfest. The evaluation of the mission is very positive because of gained information about Canadian market and valuable contacts that we have established.  

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TPEB Conference: Actual challenges in the field of critical infrastructure

10.25.2016 - On October 13th, 2016 was held a conference organized by Technology energy safety platform of the Czech Republic (TPEB CR) called Actual challenges in the field of critical infrastructure. The conference took place in Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and its Subcommittee for Energy.

Conference aimed to present the capabilities of both individual members and platform as a whole unit in current complicated international situation that influences Czech interests and also Czech people. Speakers have covered political, academical and business spheres.

Our representative as a platform member specialized in cyber security field lectured on a topic of current cyber security threats. At the same time, he has also presented a sophisticated system Safety4Data designed for highly secure data transfers within virtual network. The Safety4Data application is now used not only in the European Union but also in the United States. 

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Professional communication and stress management training

10.17.2016 - Colleagues from our laboratory services call centrum undergo a training Professional communication and stress management. This training takes place in the regular operations based on listening ongoing phone call and it is finished with the employees certification. A supervisor of the training is recognized expert Ing. Roman Šetka. The training runs in call center periodically and leads to increasing of standard of call center services.

Ambulant information system MONA seminar

10.12.2016 - We have hosted an event for the development and propagation of our new ambulant information system MONA. The event called “MONA – Application for organizing your office” was designed for doctors and took place in the wonderful Loučeň castle. Workshop was mainly designed to introduce MONA to doctors and both them and system developers benefited from it. The event has ended with the special night tour over the castle. Thanks to the positive feedback, we are really looking forward to host another event.

Particular employee transportation

10.03.2016 - In September, 2016, we have implemented a new version of the application MDZ (Particular employee transportation) to the full operation for one of our key customers in automotive industry. The application takes care of the transportation of employees to and from work from locations that are not covered by public transportation. Based on the needs and employees requests, MDZ creates transportation plans daily that contain the required number of rides needed to cover ell employees requests. 

SELMAVIZE Application

09.26.2016 - We have launched a new application called SELMAVIZE in call center that we are operating for one of our key partners in laboratory field. The app is designed for important task notifications and overview of call center operators. The application client is running on the big screen in the office and every operator can see the situation and others workload. At the same time, the app also shows the summary of all day operations and also notifies to expiring statims. Thanks to these attributes, SELMAVIZE increases call center operators’ productivity due to process optimization and more clarity.

Microsoft partnership renewal

09.07.2016 - A renewal of our Microsoft partnership program was successfully completed. As well as in the previous years, CNS has vindicated the partnership program in the Gold Application Development level. This program gives to our company a lot of important benefits both in licenses obtaining for the Microsoft program portfolio and for the strong technical support of our development from our partner side.   

New communication interface

08.29.2016 - For one of our valuable customer operating in laboratory business, we have developed an interface that enables doctors to send electronic requests to the lab directly from their ambulant information system. Thanks to this option, the time of clearance of requests in the lab decrease and also reduce the number of errors. At the end of the day, doctor will receive the result faster and he is able to establish a diagnosis and treatment without delays. Interface implementation supports the eHealth development strategy that puts a pressure on digitalization of all communication steps between lab a doctors. As a result, the process efficiency increases both from medical and economic point of view.   

Microsoft partnership renewal

08.02.2016 - As every year, we have now started a renewal of our Microsoft GOLD Application Development partnership program. Currently, we are working on the update of our customer references.

New Technicians in CNS

07.28.2016 - Our Technical department hired 3 new employees over past few months. Thanks to this step we have both spread the fields of our specializations and increased substitutability of individual team members. 

New working environment

07.18.2016 - For the improvement of the working environment we have completely redesigned the office spaces in our software department. The whole space was rebuilt to better functionality serving and the new carpet was laid. Also, the office space was furnished with new furniture that help to the better concentration and improve intellectual operations of our developers thanks to the design and placement.

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Houštecký cyklomarathon

07.04.2016 - Our cycling colleagues have attended the 13th Houštecký cyklomaraton race in Stará Boleslav ( After valorous performance and thanks to brilliant tactics our company team ended up 8th place! 

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EurTradeNet Conference in Antwerp

06.26.2016 - We have recently attended the annual conference of the EurTradeNet alliance in which we are members, in beautiful Antwerp, Belgium.  


EurTradeNet ( is the European alliance for service providers in customs processing and logistics. Experiences of those companies together with knowledge of local markets and legislation provide the most effective business processes realization in the whole Europe and across individual states.


The conference has summarized steps that has been realized over the last period and planned spreading the integration processes between individual members. A declared goal for the next period is to provide wider services specter to local customers in international environment and simplified their core business like production or goods retail.


A the part of the conference we have attended the Port of Antwerp ( combined with professional presentation and practical demonstration of automated logistics processes. Thanks to the higher level of automation together with decreasing level of costs became the Antwerps’ port the second largest in Europe. The next development of the port is also monitored and supported by the Belgian government. 

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