Application Your Data Box

Data box is an electronic dump established by Home Office of the Czech Republic and it is determined for delivery and for performing operation primarily towards public power authorities.  

The complete information you find on websites

The access into the data box it is possible through web portal or through some applications linked to interface ISDS (frequently such a proxy is record management).

Our company offers the solution of record management by the form of  fully valuable application, see Record management ELISA, or in its Lite version.

Lite version also as the application Your Data Box is offered as a hosting service, fully self-service, see

Your Data Box application  is an hosting service where the customer does not make a licence, but he / she hires the service. By the amount of active users you pay the monthly fee in the corresponding amount.

Your Data Box application offers:

  • Full control of data boxes
  • No installation, the possibility to use it whencesoever and from any PC with Windows, Mac, Linux systems
  • Unlimited number of sent and received data messages
  • Zero acquisition costs
  • The possibility to record any other documents, to control document flow, attaching any attachements ...
  • It is possible to use as a simple records management – ELISA lite (in fully conformity with the law No. 499/2004 of Code about archive and record management...)
  • Regular monthly payments only for that you really use.
  • High security – data are saved in the top data centre and regularly backed up.
  • We guarantee the high service accessibility

Company Microsoft has published our solution of data boxes on the website address: